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I make no appologies for my verbal diarrhea.....



I make no apologies for my verbal diarrhea. I simply like writing. So there. But as I have spent some 50 years involved in media as a journalist/ foreign correspondent/speech writer/publicist I suppose that pouring out my heart via a blog simply becomes second nature.


Today is freezing....so what's new? It's always bloody freezing at Kyneton in winter, and I loathe it. I'm looking forward to later this year when Jules and I have purchased, via www.luxuryescapes.com.au, 7 nights in Far Northern Queensland. We're staying in Palm Cove which we last visited in 2000. It's small and compact and one doesn't need a car. Everything is within walking distance. And the weather will be warm and humid....just like I love. I adore the tropical downpours when the warm rain hits the bitumen and bounces back into the air. And we will be there in the wet season.


But until then, I have to cope with freezing weather and cold rain.


Today is typical. Went to the supermarket and Jules took her new glasses to the optician to get them adjusted. BTW, she dislikes these new spectacles. My wife is a slave to fashion in all things....but has a heart of gold and is generous to a fault. So I happily put up with her fashion foibles.


..."Johnno, I don't know why I even tried to buy spectacles from a country optician. The staff might be nice, but they gave no style!"


..."Johnno, I am taking these spectacles back. They make me look old!"




..."Johnno, have a haircut. You are starting to look like an old man with those wisps of hair over your ears!"


But as I say. Jules is my strength and my best friend, so I easily forgive her the fashion stuff. After all, she gave up a great job with Country Road to live in country Victoria an hour's drive from Melbourne. And fashion in Kyneton is virtually non existent.


So I have had my haircut and look 10 years younger, and tonight we are going to the next door neighbour's for an early dinner.


I have been using my mirror box today as I try to get more movement and feeling into my right hand, and have been bringing more wood indoors to keep the fire going.


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