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Trying to keep bad karma away



On January 5th I had an interview with a company in a second interview was scheduled for January 9 the CEO was a no show no call for the second interview I just got an email last week to companies looking to fill the position again so I sent my resume I have a phone interview this morning fighting off the mean streak but I really do wonder why the CEO was a no show no call for that second interview

Once again they claim in the email to be excited about seeing my resume and wanted to talk to me well we'll see

Peace love joy and prayers,



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Karma must sending me a message I called this morning and left a voicemail. The hr person called why I was at the hospital doing volunteer work, she left a message she would be in office all afternoon, then sent me a high pressure email.

When I called the voicemail box was full.


Is this someone I want to work for? Do I really want to give them a second chance?

I have to think hard about that one. If they are going to use strong arm tactics before the interview how would they be to work for?

I'll update you tomorrow on my decision


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