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Unconditional love



When I got home I changed and went for a swim with my 4 year old grandson.

My daughter asked me about the weather, storms were predicted.

O went into the house to check the news.. My grandson came climbed up on the couch next to me crawled behind me wrapped his arms around my neck and proclaimed "I love you grandpa". Omg what a moment. I did shed a tear. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced. He has told me that before usually after I tell him or mom prompts him to tell me.

It was a moment I thanked God for my second chance at life. I will cherish that moment the rest of my life.

Peace, love, joy and prayers,



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oh wow Jay :


thats so sweet now I want grandkids lol though I am not very good with kids never know what to do with them, versus hubby is expert, which makes me jealous lol



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Asha,when the time comes you'll do fine. I struggle with them at times but my wife has the magic touch.

I recall soon after getting out of the hospital trying to read to my grand daughter becomes I really understood the visual impairment she said grandpa you missed a word there and then told me what the word was lovemy gtandbabies


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