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I made a girl cry today, in a good way



I had a doctors appointment yesterday and one of the young ladies there inform me that Friday today was going to be her last day of work she was moving to a city 100 miles away well well talking with my doctor yesterday he decided to increase the dosage of two of my medications when I stop at the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions one of them was increased the other was decreased so I stop by the office today for clarification and the the last day young lady was was working and I happen to have a blank card in my bag so I wrote a quick note to her thanking her for everything wishing her well telling her she'd be missed and that whatever she did she would be successful she's such an incredible person she managed to talk to Doc and get clarification for me and gave it to me in writing so I have to worry about my memory issues as I was talking to one of the nurses before I left she walked up and said he made me cry with this card at least I got a hug

Kindness no matter how minor it may seem to us is welcomed by everyone,peace love joy and prayers,



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