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Offering hope



While hanging out in the day room at the hospital waiting for any survivor that wants to play a game or talk, this attractive young lady came in with her father a survivor I would soon find out.

I told my story as briefly as I could, rather hard for me I love to talk and talk about me.lol

I mentioned my wife's comment that I needed to offer hope to someone's family because when I was in ICU my wife met a survivor and she gave hope to my family.

I told the daughter I am available Tuesday, Thursday and sat from 2-4 pm. She asked if I could stay long enough to meet her mother because just meeting me is giving her hope for her fathers future, I said I would gladly stay to meet her mother.

If I can offer hope to someone it is an amazingly beautiful day. What a blessing I am here to offer hope I almost want to cry.

Peace, love, joy and prayers,



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