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Let's try this once again





Howdy beer.gif


Well I think I am going to give this another try.


So if I mess up please forgive me....please!


Thank you to all that have replied to my post on looking for information on fall prevention.


Well time for bed 10:30 p.m. (If I was in California) blush.gif eh Teal LOL


Smiles smile.gif




Recommended Comments

Hi Lin hiya.gif


You got me blush.giflol_2.gif


I was thinking more like what leaves do in Autumn (fall)!


You did a great article in the Strokenet Newsletter back a couple of months ago or so. Thanks for that.


I also know that you have had your share of interesting experiences and challenges as well wicklaugh.gif


So if you happen to corner the market on this "Fall Prevention Thing" You can share any of the goodies with me eh.


It is a BIG problem and getting bigger as we age and get to be stroke survivors and such.


Apparently the cost to the Health Care System is in the Billions if not the Trillions of dollars each and every year.


Thanks for your comment I am still lol_2.gif


How about Fall Jokes e.g "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound?" What about Vickie at the Source Store? (see my post on fall prevention.)


Smiles smile.gif



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