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Happiness is......



A smile from A stranger just because I said good morning

Giving another human being hope for the future

When a friend stops and offers to give me a ride while I'm waiting for the bus

A hug from a grandchild

A slimy kiss from one year old

Aone year old saying papa and waving goodbye with a backwards facing hand

Sound of waves lapping at the shoreline pushed by a mild breeze

Witnessing the innocence of childhood

They are on a child Day sing a rainbow

A warm summer rain shower

Fresh picked sweet corn

A good cup of coffee

Morning silenc broken by the sound of squirrels droppin acorns on the neighbors metal roof ( I hope they aren't preparing for another harsh winter)

What gives you happiness?

I'll add more as they hit me.

Peace love, joy and prayers,


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Happiness is a total stranger offering a helping hand, when in need.

I had to go to the bank this morning, traveling by bus, I was there 30 minutes before they opened.  I sat on the curb. when I tried to get up it was a challenge.  this man came over and offered me a hand to get up.  then we joked about as we age we can't always do the things we did before.


note to self yet another thing I lost with the stroke, I wish I knew that when SSA asked me to identify what I can't do now that I did do before.

I don't know if its too late or not but I think I'll talk to my lawyer about that one.

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