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Amazing people abound



Amazing people can be found everywhere.

3months ago the marketing department of the hospital I volu teer at is I'm the process of changing ownership. They needed volunteers for fake patients for materials. I met a doctor at that time, of course I haven't seen her since then. Today ealkomg through the hospital on my street clothes np name tag. I passed this doctor I said good morning and she replied well hello Jay how are yo. I was shocked she recalled my name

I guess I'm pretty unforgettable lol


I just hope it was a positive impression that I left for her to recall my name



There are amazing people everywhere we just have to be open to ecposong ourselves to them.

Peace, love، joy and prayers,


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Yes indeed, the world is full fo amazing people and it is wonderful that they come in and out of our lives to give us a confidence boost and reinforce the connection.  All volunteers are angels and I hope the staff of the hospital recognizes that in some way.

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