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I have set myself a torrid program....dammit!!!!!



I have seen my fitness physio and my sleep guy. And I wonder what I have left myself in for. It's too late tonight to go into my new regime, but I will try to fill you all in tomorrow.


But my sleep person.....


1Canesfan, he is meant to be helping with improving my sleep. I have had, in the past, a notoriously poor sleep record, often recording just between 3-5 hours a night instead of the traditional 8 hours. A lot of this has been because I have an active and creative mind (I used to sleep with a pen and pad next to my bed to write down ideas during the night); I used to go to sleep with the radio on (ear plugs in each ear); I used to read each night, often until 12.30-1.30 am; and at my age I used to take my meds before hitting the sack, wash them down with water, and then wonder why I used to wake 1-2 times each night to go to the toilet for a leak!


Now, if you are anything like as smart as my wife, you would have said, "Whoa, Johnno!!! Can't you see all of these things are destroying whatever pathetic sleep pattern you have?????"


And you would have been correct! But me being me, I required a sleep therapist to tell me. So.....


..Taking my meds just after tea instead of shortly before I go to bed (3 hours earlier, at least) and only a small sip of water to wash them down.

..No more radio ear plugs in the ears when I turn off the light.

..Reading just for 15 minutes before turning off the light.

..No more pen and pad next to the bed.


I also have a nasty habit of nodding off to sleep in front of TV most nights, and dozing for 30-60 minutes. Now I take an afternoon nap (30 minutes, and no more); my wife has my approval to poke me in the ribs when I nod off; and if I do nod off, after being poked in the ribs I have to go for a walk around the house/room several times.


All this sounds sooooo simple, doesn't it? But I could never see it until the sleep therapist explained it to me. Now my wife is laughing, and I am in a deep state of great embarrassment!


The end result of all this is that my nightly sleep has risen from 3-5 hours to 5-7 hours.


I hope this helps answer your question. :-)


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Hey Mitch, none so blind as them that will not see.  You're not alone in not being able to see the obvious until someone outside tells you.  I'm sure Jules is enjoying her giggle at your expense.


Can't wait to hear what your phsio has planned for you.  Just don't try to make haste too quickly.  I'm currently saying very rude words to myself because I stuffed it up.  I was doing heaps more and getting away with it so I kept on adding, I forgot (again) that I can't do what I used to.  So the exercise ramp up was the same as what i'd have done pre stroke, as was the recovery plateau timing and length.  So I triggered cumulative fatigue that has set me backwards, 2 weeks extra recovery level training.  I saw the nutritionist again last night and he was able to give me the numbers that prove I pushed too far,  my muscle quality measure had dropped off, even though my fat% is still going down.  I'd been gaining muscle quality in the 3 months prior, and feeling really good about what I could do.  But this month I got the reality check, and it's hard. 


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You are correct. Maybe even on day one I tried too hard.....'cepting I totally forgot to wear my heart monitor around my chest and the gizmo it talks to around my wrist!


And BTW, it's great to see you in here, Heather!!!

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