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Putting myself "out there"



I really trust you people, I feel a connection to you ( I have a connection with you), that I don't (can't) have with people I know or meet.


These words I write are not my own, they belong to all of us. my thoughts are yours and mine alike.

I am only an instrument of a greater force, telling stories and sharing thoughts.

The hope I give to those I meet is from all of us, you give me support, encouragement ... and yes hope, I simply pass them on to others from all of us.


Carl Jung, discussed the principle of Collective Unconscious" We are a sub set of humanity with our own shared

collective unconscious.


A random thought from one of you:

If words or thoughts are not shared, do they still exist?


If wisdom is not shared is it still wisdom?


I really have a lot of time on my hands.


Peace, Love, Joy and prayers,



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