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Polar opposites of humanity



I saw the best of humanity today. Our support group had a luncheon scheduled today dutch treat. I had to contact the coordinator to let her know I was unable to attend due to a lack of funds, she noway I'll buy your lunch we want you there. J graciously and humblely accepted. What a wonderful person again God has blessed me with connection to many amazing people

On the flip side of the humanity coin, a bus driver I encountered on my way to the luncheon was rude and disrespectful. The ugly side of humanity. He represents the less than 1% of the drivers iinteract with on a daily basis.

Too bad for him, this miserable existence he lives I feel bad for anyone that bitter toward any other human, I will pray for both individuals. I know God will reward the former and hopefully help the later learn some compassion

Peace, love,joy and prayers,



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