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Fatigue complicates memory issues



Last night I didn't take my pm meds I was watching the Base ball game and cell asleep. I didn't awaken until 7am. I missed my trazido e sleep aid and anti depressant. This morning o forgot to take my am meds Zoloft ( anti depressant) and thyroid teplacment therapy.

I assume my blood surim lrvels for the anti depressants should be fine. I didn't follow my normal routine. I got to bed and take my meds but falling asleep on the couch that's not part of the routine.

When I wake up I take my am medsbefore going down stairs but again falling asleep on the couch destroyed my rohtines.

I have decided to set alarms for taking meds and creating a sign off sheet for when I do take them so I don't get confused about whether of not j took them

Have a great day



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