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Minor victory



I've been told my judgement is Quite impaired since the stroke, lately I've shown restraint when there have been situations when a smart Alec co.ment was begging to be blurted out.

Last week while visiting friends bugs were buying and the wife of a friend was walking around spraying bug spray on legs when she approached me and said" do you want me to do you?".

I bite my lip and said no thanks. Restraint!

Today at the hospital one of the nurses came into the day room and said hi, took care of her business and left. 45 mintes later she can back and said you're still sitting there? You're going to get bedsores. Another comment begging to be pounced on from a smart Alec. I just said on I have a comment to that but I won't say it.

Lucky for these wonderful nurses I didn't do my inpatient here but in Detroit.

I would have driven them crazy with my smart mouth.

They are all great nurses, at least every patient I talk to tells me so.

Perhaps I'm regaining some judgement back by keeping my mouth shut.

Peace and prayers


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After my stroke immediately I was no filter. My thoughts jumpef out of my mouth for better or worse. Today this is better but I do not hesitate to self advocate more than before.

It was impulsive,no chance to reason. It was awful. It passed.

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