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Surviving A Stroke



I just want to say surviving any stroke is a good thing for anyone no matter the type of stroke it was... I'm in my 12th year of survival now and as I look back over that time frame knowing I am not as dependent now as I was when the stroke first happened sorta makes me sad by wanting to be much more independent than I currently am... I have to continue thinking I am still a survivor just not able to do many things I did when the stroke first happened...


Waiting to Deliver little puppies::


With a working wife full time it makes staying at home sorta lonely during the day not wanting to get out on my scooter or go very far from home not being fully able to protect myself from the public that may want to do harm to a person in my condition... Of course I have the little dog riding on the scooter with me for company and she barks and get excited when anyone she doesn't know comes near us.... I guess she thinks they will steal me from her but on the other hand she is about ready to have her babies on the 9th of September so she stays real close to me at home or outside....


I will probably be the one hand man to help her deliver the pups doing the day when everyone else is not at home.... The guy that helps me in the mornings says he will help with her delivery too that was great news to hear... He has Great Danes pups he helped deliver and they kept just one of them and sold the others....


My wife owes her nephew a puppy back since he gave her this one for our grand daughter making the A-B honor roll for the past three years straight.... She is now 11 years old and the little dog is now three years old with puppies of her own... No more for her after these I don't think I could go through this birth thing again with her....


We got everything all set up for the delivery and doing her doctor visit on last Friday the Vet say she could have them as early as the 2 September through the 9th of September... He seem to think there are at least three there from what he could detect... She has gained three pounds from what she weighed last time before mating the session...


I'm hoping everything turns out OK with the puppies and my help from the guy and the Vet too if need be since I'm definitely one handed now.... I'll just pray things turns out great as I think I got it all covered and know what is suppose to happen.... I'm not a doctor or a veterinarian for sure so this will be all trials and hopefully no errors on my part.....


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Helping to deliver puppies sounds so awesome. I am jealous.  My cat gave birth for me the night before I left home to go off to school.  It was my going away present from her.  She also let me touch the kitten that tried to get away after birth!  It didn't get far but I put her back with no issues. 

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Thanks Sue, I'm just wondering if I can be a vet with one hand and do what is necessary to keep them all alive here by myself??? Just found out the other guy got an appointment on the day she is suppose to have the puppies and can't help me deliver them as he knows how from his dogs a couple months ago at his house.....


They will be real little puppies being a Shih Tzu but she looks really big right now so I hope no more than Four are in there....

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