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Many people don't get it done never will



A relative of mine the same one that told me to get beyond the stroke survivor stuff made a comment to me last night that I need to get a job she said I'm sure your volunteer work is moderately rewarding but it's a waste of time personally the rewards I get from my volunteer work are worth more than all the treasures in the world it's not moderately rewarding it's extremely rewarding and the rewards are in measurable.

I think it speaks volumes to herpersonality and nothing about me.


I've always been rather altruistic.

I prefer my life to hers, yes even post stroke.

Peace love joy and prayers,



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Guest lwisman


I often think it is too bad we can't chose our relatives. Both relatives and friends often do not get it. Don't take what she says to heart. Each of us makes our own way as best we can.

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So she thinks it a waste of time.  Everyone has different needs and enjoyments.  If it's important to you don't let her opinion change your mind.  Keep on enjoying your life.

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