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Minor frustrations and bumbling experience



A small town in a neighboring county is having a folk music fest this weekend

No one in my family wants to go so I tried the bus system and the northern county system doesn't run on Saturdays.

I humbled my self and emailed an aquainences who just moved to the area and asked if he would be interested in going,( AKA drive me there and back) I hate to putpeople out but without driving and nobuses what are the options?

I really want to go but I don't think hitchhiking is a good idea.





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Never hitchhike.

Try to bribe a family member,suggest they drop you off and go to a movie,dinner,shop,etc while you are at concert. If you stay at hotel,they can swim....

Asking for a ride is necessary now. Do not be embarrassed. Tell them how important this is to you. Negotiate well. Good luck.

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Hey sassy I won't go if hitchhiking is the only option. Bummer but must be safe.

I just recall all the rides I gave the daughters back in the dayoh well just another sacrifice with the post stroke life.



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Jay - I agree with Betsy - bribe a family member. But I do love that you are reaching out to others you know. Sometimes, people just don't know what they can do for us and welcome a request. You will be surprised. Debbie

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Yep asking for help can be hard to do but as Ethyl said many people are happy to help if something is important to you.  Don't be shy about asking, or about using bribes on occassion (especially with family)  When I need help from my nephews I often give them fuel money which I know will be enough to cover them for the trip to come help me and  some left over to go out with their mates later.  they are studying so have time but no spare funds.


And if your daughters aren't too far away, use the guilt trip now and again (as in remind them that you did it for them when they couldn't drive themselves, and now the boot is on the other foot.) 

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I have the opposite problem. I had strokes but I mainly drive everyone I know. I told my 8 year old to drive me home. Tell your daughter's you will hitch hike if they don't drive you. And also say Hitch hiking might be a little dangerous but think of the fun adventure I will go in! Especially since I am a defenseless person. If that doesn't get your daughter's I don't know what will.

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