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Minor victory



I stopped to see a friend in the hospital, after while waiting for the bus I sat on the curb exhausted after a long hot humid day. Sitting on a curb is something I try to avoid, last time I needed a kind gentleman to assist me up. Well today I managed to get up by myself no tree or signpost what a joy it may not have been very graceful but I did it

Peace, love, joy and prayers,


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Good for you being able to sit so low and still get up all by yourself... I could never do that again in my life... I have to use a belt around the headboard post to pull myself up from my computer chair right beside my bed....


Heck, I have troubles getting up from the raised seat on the commode by myself... Only my scooter I can stand up from sitting on it all by myself.... I really have a paralyzed left side but yet it is my strong side too.... No victory yet for me....

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