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Amazing? You tell ne



At our support group meeting I asked my speech therapists to review the report and recommendations to determine if the hospital could provide me any additional support in my recovery.

1. The report stated "no evidence of left neglect.

My therapist said, that's BS

I said what do you mean?

She responded don't you recall I gave you your initial assessment when you came here! I have those assessments

U added the single part looking for left neglect, u used the strategyies of finding the left edge of the paper with my hand and focus my attention turning my head if necessary. I did and found the small segment that I had previously missed I even mentioned that strategy to the person assessing me.

My comment and use if strategy did bit make the report.


Fast forward to today. The other hospital in town has a stroke center abd a supportgroup whuch I also participate in .

I contacted the speech pathologist that works in the center and runs the support group and asked her to look at my assessment and maybe offer me some suggestions.

She is still she is still booking information up for me specific doctors excetera but as she qas reviewing the report I I don't understand why social security denied you this report supports the fact that you have a disability.

Wow was that great news to hear because after I read it I wasn't sure how to take what they were saying in it.

What a blessing to know people/ friends that can help and are willing to help.

Peace, love, joy, and prayers,



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Appeal it. Get a lawyer center to help. Lots are denied. It takes a while. Play the game. Keep hope. Someday all will be well. You know you have evidence.

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I have an attorney he,known on a first name basis with he local office of SSA. The appeal has been filed the waiting are continues



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