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Not Alone on my Journey.



Again talking with R (employee at the coffee house), I mentioned my come back trail, Walking it alone today, I guess I didn't clarify Physically walking it alone today, but she rebutted my comment, she said you are not alone, we are always here for you.

She mentioned her grandmother had a stroke 20 years ago and was bedridden for those 20 years unity she passed 6 months ago, she said you are such a blessing, surviving a stroke and getting around and your volunteer work, you are an amazing individual.


I must say she is a very perceptive person LOL.my life has been enriched by meeting her, as well.

life is a blessing, I know I'm fortunate to be here to appreciate the little thing.


peace, love, joy and prayers,


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Isnt it amazing when we get to listen to someone tell their story. We are always connect to those we interact with. No matter how small. Sometimes we get to see it.

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