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New Diet



Ok for the record I love hospital food. I like it in the rooms and in the Cafeteria. I have never been considered a picky eater and I like to try new foods..as long as a glass of water is handy.


I find the food here nauseating. I have sent it away quickly. I like homemade mashed potatoes and the kind made from flakes in a box. I do not know what was mashed up to put under this gravy. It Does Not taste like potato. All meat is some kind of processed loaf. My roomie calls the chicken sawdust. It looks and tastes like it.Anything breaded may only be breading. A lump of breaded breading. I love salad before it turns brown around the edges. Is it slimy or is that dressing on something wilted. I eat the tomato wedge and cucumber slice and diced olive dipped in ranch. I do not know what kind of alien chickens are laying the eggs. They are soggy casserole things or a soggy scoop. No one here has figured out how to use a toaster. You sometimes get plain bread or a burnt blackened thing that used to be bread. It may soften if you put soggy eggs on it perhaps. English muffins are raw,never even close to a toaster. The hot cereal is too much for me to peek at. I am a cornflakes girl and occasionally raisin bran, so that is my breakfast. Cereal tastes familiar so far. And the coffee and tea is good. I wish they had herbal.

The fruit is fresh and tasty. I love the fruit plate with a bit of cottage cheese. The only other thing I eat is the quesadilla if the cheese is melted and tortilla browned. My roomie likes the soup. Sometimes it is tasty but vegetables are always overcooked and unrecognizable in a soup or not. She always orders a grilled cheese. Sometimes for lunch and dinner. My go to meal when I send back slop is a turkey and cheese sandwich plate.But I take off the tasteless slimy processed turkey and add lettuce and tomato slice.

Night snack is a pbj. Only they put a pint of jelly,so i requested no jelly since I am diabetic. It is a coin toss whether or not I get a plain pb sandwich.

One day my rescue my blood sugar orang juice was just a mouthful of orange concentrate. I spit ot the blob and asked for another glass or a pitcher of water.

The pickles here are to die for. Desserts are good too. Of course I try and avoid the sweet and salty,but honestly I gotta eat more than cheese sandwiches,pb,and fruit. A pickle hits the spot.

Roomie and I wonder how long will it take before it is noticed we both only eat cheese sandwiches..hers grilled,mine cold..and so far only the cnas comment " the usual?"

The menu sounds so gourmet at this five star facility with top awards,and chandeliers and fountains,but it is awful. They ruin a burger with some kind of rawish meat which may be left over meat loaf patties. No beef flavor. I guess I could take off that hockey puck,leave cheese,lettuce,tomato slice on the bun and have a cheese burgerless. And a pickle.


oh yeah I win snacks at bingo.

So I will not starve here,but I so appreciate it when someone brings me real food. I miss my own cooking. I miss frozen,canned,microwave dinners,anything edible.


the staff has catered staff development events,potlucks,outdoor BBQs,and never eat what we inmates eat.


So when I kept sending back rotten meals, a nurse brought me a can of Ensure. I Laughed,said no thanks, and got out my trail mix from bingo.


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Sounds like the first hospital I was in. My wife says I just kept pushing the food away and the kindest description I gave was 'that's vile'. There must be someone you could 'invite' for dinner. Keep up the good fight and don't let them beat you down. They get paid for the work they do and are accountable to all of you.

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It sounds very like the food at the rehab clinic I was in after my stroke.  Lots of us would get together in groups and order home delivery to get something more edible.  On my first day leave my friends took me to the supermarket and I went nuts at the deli.  Cheese, olives, stuffed peppers, salami.  Anything with taste and texture.  We had a great picnic but I couldn't take stuff back with me as it would have needed to be refrigerated.  My life saver then was that I had been loosing weight so the nutritionists was trying to build me up so they added mixed nuts to my lunch order each day.  No wonder you loose weight when they feed you crap!

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Sounds dreadful, go bingo Queen.


When I worked u was in charge of 12griyp gines for developmentally disabled adults


My neak ryke was family style staff eats what clients eat.

Bi outside food ubkess you bring in for everyone.


Hang tough and pray for food znugglers



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So sorry about the inedible meals.  Some nursing homes are dreadful that way. Just keep working on the plan.  As Jay said, friends acting as food smugglers may be the answer.

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