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Hanging Rock walk



I did my big test walk yesterday. I promised myself that I would get to the top of Hanging Rock before I left for my holiday. It's a good test of my capabilities and a way to asses the impact of this sort of activity. This is where we went https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanging_Rock,_Victoria


I had 4 support crew in the end, several other friends had to cancel at the last minute.


We got to the Summit in just under 1.5 hours via the "stairs" route. We came back down via the "ramp" path, which is very steep in some sections, I doubt I could have done the ascent via that path. To get to the top you have to go over some pretty rough rock "stairs" including a few tall ones, thank goodness I took my pole with me. Coming down only took about 45 minutes.


At one point on the decent down the big steps I misjudged the footing and ended up sitting on the step, I scared the support crew more than myself. Owen stayed pretty close after that one.


I have had almost no fatigue reaction, so that means the training over the last few months has had an effect. The stiffness in the legs however started to be felt by dinner time yesterday. And I'm pretty stiff today but otherwise It's not been a problem. Whether I can do something like this more than 1 day in a row I don't know, it probably would not be wise, but I bet I'll do it at least once on this holiday.


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I have a great team of trainers and therapists who don't panic when I do something silly.  My physio encourages risk taking within reason, such a nice change from hospital therapists who are so risk averse that they don't let you try anything new.


He's all for finding out what your current limits are and he stresses "current" when he says this.  My trainers are similar and while they like to be there to catch me when something goes wrong, they also understand that the only way to improve is to keep pushing limits.  So I push and they pick up the pieces afterwards. :)


Sue Sorry but I always overdo it eventually.  I am however always aware of the consequences and have a planB ready for that.

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Great Heather! All that training has paid off and I like your description of pushing limits and the support you get to do this. I'll have to start pushing a few more limits myself



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