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More rehab



Well, I started my 2nd time around with rehab for about 12 visits of PT only. They wouldn't approve OT but he said he would include some hand and arm movements. That was nice of him.


Two days a week, one on land, one in pool. Already he got me walking without my cane and more balance with weak side. One thing made sense to me. Instead of lifting with your hip muscles like we learned early on, try bending your knee, making the knee raise your foot trying to put it down without looking. That works without the cane. Plus in the bathroom and kitchen with the aid of counters, try walking backwards, making the same steps. That works too and it gives you confidense in your ability.


My home work is walking on grass then driveway(flat surface)then on uneven surfaces. By this time when you get in the pool it seems so natural and easy to do. Amazing what we can still learn. We still use the mat exercises for stretching and bending. Over all I should gain movement control in this session. I feel good about going back to rehab. You just don't do at home what you can when the therapist is working with you.


I'll let everybody know in a few weeks what I gained. Oh he had me picking up a coffee cup keeping my elbow in to my side so my hand wouldn't turn as I put the cup to my mouth. That was neat. I didn't think I could do that.


I'm just going on 18 months post-stroke. Im excited. In august, I see the neurologist for the first time ever. He will tell me what part of the brain is damaged most(dead cells) and maybe what I can expect to get back in due time.

With dead cells there bound to be some permanent disabilities I don't get back even with regeneration. I shall see.


I will accept it even if I don't get it all back. I feel and believe God has plans on earth for me. Then I think, the wages of sin is death. I have not been sin free as I should have been. Another reason I'm not depressed in my case. I will always feel I could have been dead. Thats not what God wanted for me then.


Its like giving up smoking, plenty people did and went back. This stroke is a test of faith, will I go back or hold on for God? Keeping the commandments is what its all about. A lot of us haven't done that. So lets get real, if God is to live in our hearts and souls it has to be rightous, he is a holy GOD. Thats why he chose us and made us a survivor for his purpose. Bringing us in from where we were for a better life.


Right now we view it as bad but that is from where we feel we could be had this not happen. We had our jobs, businesses, careers, family and thought we were prospering well in life. Maybe way ahead of others. It's like when the stock market crash, some have jumped out the window to their death. Pressure undue I call it.


Lets take life one day at a time and thank God for that day. We are his children and in his hands. He's our father, in his house are many mansions. I praise GOD.

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Rehab is great, new and exciting things to do, plenty of encouragement. But like all of life it is keeping on keeping on that counts.

Go for it. Paul said:"run the race" and he was right. Even if you can't run, walk to the best of your ability.

Good on ya mate.

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