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Another day ..Another nite eh



Howdy smile.gif


Same ole same ole.... It was a beautiful day in the neighbourhood so after my home care visit this morning and doing the usual household chores I went for my walk this afternoon. Stopped at Tim's for a coffee then walked to the mall and the drugstore for some daily needs.


I decided to include our local MacDonald's today for a soft icecream (since it was a hot sunny day) Then to the grocery store for to restock my cupboard and then back to home.


Went for a short walk on the grass barefoot and caneless. (felt great)


Bar b cue for dinner and logged onto chat for an hour or two lol_2.gif . I missed G not being there and like Pam I hope he is ok. Was nice to have Perry back on deck (missed ya P). bigwink.gif


Talked to Lorraine and Teal for a bit (nice to get to know you both a little better...thanks).


Checked my email and deleted the ones that were not important (which was most of them tonight).


Well now it is time to log off.






Smiles smile.gif


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what a wonderful day you had!!!!!!! i am so happy for you and thanks for sharing!!!!! sometimes( often) the simple things in life are the most pleasurable.



kim pash.gif

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