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Not Much Happening...



Nothing is really going on. Things are pretty much status quo. I picked up Lisa last night and brought her to family dinner at her mothers. It was the first time she has been there in 4 months. Now that she can eat anything I think it will be part of her routine.


We are planning on having Lisa HOME for the 4th of July weekend. It is a really big step for us. It will let me know what kind of problems we will have when she eventually comes home for good (hopefully in one month). We will be staying at her folks because they have a bedroom and a bathroom on first floor. I know Lisa is looking forward to it. And, if anything happens, we can load up and go back to Bayshore. I pray everything goes well.


I am going golfing today with a vendor that I use for work. We are going to the number 16 rated public golf course in the country. I make a trip there once or twice a year and it's kind of expensive, but they are paying so how can I turn it down?


Man, have my blogs changed since a month ago. I have come to realize that things will and are getting better. Good, she deserves it.




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Just remember a LOT can improve in a month, so don't let any problem areas discourage you.


Hope your 4th is a blast!



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WHAT A HAPPY TIME FOR YOU AND LISA!!!!!! i am so glad for you both.

you are SO right, a MONTH makes a big difference!!!!! her'es hoping that EVERY month is a better one!!!!!



KIM Clap-Hands.gif

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