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With passion a gift and creative energy I'm on top of the world



Physically mentally and emotionally I felt great the question of the day was why?

What is so different about today than other days so I can rreplicat it

Physically I had a great nights sleep which always helps.

Test result of my successful endeavor to focus my creative energy in the poem odd man out.

I have always said if one of my poems moves one person that I am a success as a poet.

I am humbled by the positive response I get from you as well as my friends who are not survivors including my baby girl because of David because she's the youngest in the birth order of 4 it was like a joyful joyful moment.

I am so incredibly blessed to be given the gift I have number one the gift of life again number to my writing others and give them hope support and encouragement.

Helping others have become my passion handwriting is always been one of my passions and the gift that God is giving me.

Be blessed and be a blessing,



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