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Slip sliding away



Not the song just me I had to go to the store this morning before coffee was only 3 blocks from the coffee house so I was good walking until I hit that patch of ice we all remember the Looney Toon cartoons.

That's what I look like this morning my feet slipped forward then slipped backwards and then I went down of course my left side is my weak side from a stroke slight limp I had prior to falling it isn't quite as lovely walking today his recent days past after I hit the ground and I let out a few choice words that cannot be repeated here my next thought was how do I get up. Of course with all of the mishaps I encounter these days I found the humor in it eventually just another friendly reminder of what I always say slow and steady wins the race I very well may have been walking too fast for theconditons.

Not hurt too bad knee is a little sore. Ego bruised.

Life is still amazing and I know how blessed to be here to take that fall and feel that pain. Lol

Be well.



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