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going with flow accepting & adapting with change in life



I know I am big proponent of going with flow though I still struggle & resist the change at first. we had great stroke anniversary & valentine date together. enjoyed broadway show together. decided to go in public transportation instead of driving into city which relaxes hubby from driving in city which he is unfamiliar & easy access to bathrooms for me. So it was another successful adventure for us. Now I am back to moving part. I understand I should be excited about move, but in my mind its just lateral move & we have accumulated so much over the years so packing & all those logistics to worry about. I am just venting here & trying to tell myself advice I give to others that trust in God's plans for your life & something better will come out of this. I have to be thankful that at our home atleast hubby is excited about this move so he is always working inside &outside. Ofcourse I am always by his side & helping however I can since I understand he needs support if he goes down we all will be in big trouble :) kido is too young & busy to help in any ways. hubby feels as long as every one is happy we can do everything together. right now we are getting few things in our new house to b done to my taste once all that is done we will b ready for move.




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Asha, I too struggle and resist change as you know so know where you are coming from.  But you have your hubby by your side and he is looking out for you so all will be well.  Moving is a really big change so I think you have reason to be a little scared.  Hope it all goes well.

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Trust in God and everything will work out beautiful.

I am standing xiety about packing and moving but I agree with hobby as long as everyone's happy everything will be fine be well my friend be well.


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Asha, great that you have a new house, yes it is a little overwheweling, but something new to look forward too. Like  Jay said, trust God, he got you and so does your husband. Asha my husband  says" we are One and One against the world".  


You be fine 



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