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High anxiety



Home alone xiety is back.

It's rare that I am left home alone overnight to November 12th of 2013.

But just need to reach out to someone I know some of I love you have felt the same thing.

Sports in my paranoia I sent a text message to my daughter and said I will text you in the morning if you don't get a text from me call me please and she called me just a few minutes ago and said do you want to spend the night at my house and I said no I'm going to be fine I know that I just wanted to reach out to someone locally that if anything does happen so much aware of it.

I thank you my friends for listening to my rambling again I know I'm fine I'm going to be fine its just my mind playing tricks on me again be well my friends I pray for you daily please pray for me.



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Thank you. Alm is great I slept 10 hours. Temps are moderating going up to 32 thus afternoon after subzero over the weekend even 15 feels good.

I knew NY anxiety was unwarranted but nice to have people to reach out to.


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Jay :


you will be in my prayers.  I know it feels scary at first but once done few times, you feel confident again. Its nice to have loving family close by.



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