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A light in the darkness for so many



I shared my story of my new friend with an old friend of mine who happens to be the volunteer coordinator that I work for at the hospital she said to me well it's obvious that you are a light in the darkness for so many people and with your background and experience and the positive energy that you're putting out into the universe people are attracted to you and are comfortable with you and immediate bond is made I was completely humbled by that statement but it rained for a little bit later waiting for the bus he confided in me the challenges he's having with his disabilities had since age 12 he's been homeless living in this town that is not from was staying at the homeless shelter and was stabbed and beat up a couple times and financially meeting with legal aid tomorrow so today he attempted to make it up to Social Security and Department of Health and Human Services both of which were closed due to the weather so it's frustration was mounting greater and greater and as we talk I said look you know this as well as I do and maybe even better but just keep trudging on I told my new friend from the bus that have never been a overly religious person but with my experience with aneurysm and stroke I had a spiritual awakening I pray daily and I will pray for you my friend he said that is the nicest thing anybody in this town has ever said to me I can't thank you enough,

That's a positive energy that I send out into the universe is attracting people to me so that I can offer them hope my life is such a blessing I am so humbled at the gift that God has given me.



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