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why cant you walk like that at home?



Last week when my wife ratted me out about scuffing my left foot while walking; on the way home she asked what did you do different? I said I just concentrated really hard to make sure I picked up my left foot.

she then said, why can't you do that at home?


Last night, after dinner she was working on the play some more, in her office. So I worked really hard to lift my left foot, jusy wanted to see if she needed anything (iceTea, coffee etc.) I stood at the doorway of her office, she finally noticed me and reacted with a starlted jump, saying, I didn't hear you coming you scared me.


I said I was just doing what you suggestedand picked up my foot. She said good but make some noise so I know where you are.

darned if you do and darned if you don't.


one step forward one step back.


be well my friends,




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