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I love stupidity



Wow after getting off the bus to go to my coffee my coffee house I walk to the corner I wait for the light to turn right so I could.cross safely tndI waited maybe three or four seconds after the light turns red stepped off the curb thank God I didn't take two steps because that vehicle that was a half a block away went flying by me and probably 45 miles an hour or as I believe with Scott once said you can't fix stupid I just don't know if I'm ready to the coffee house door side on the Block but I need to be at because there are so many stupid drivers I apologize for my soapbox and my rantings this morning but I'm just really upset with this stupid person and I realize how close I came to being hit by the car potentially severely injured and God forbid even killed go back to my positive personal environment

Be blessed and be a blessing,



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Sound Advice I thought I was being cautious but there are stupid people in the world thank you much have a great day


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Jay it is okay to be mad at someone who has done something so stupid and positively dangerous.  It is okay to have second thoughts about your own safety.  I am glad it was not worse.  Be safe.

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