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CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? Spring Arrives Tomorrow 20 March 2016



Well all you weather buffs, Spring arrives tomorrow, driving a convertible with the top down here in Texas and I sure will be sitting outside at some point in the day instead of staying inside like I have been trying to stay warm......


Now I can hook my TV back up in the garage raise the door and enjoy the weather instead of being stuck in the house running up the electric bill to stay warm as it was real cool here in central Texas....


There was snow in Forth Worth near Dallas and very large hail and that's not very far from me in central Texas.... We got rain but no snow thank God..... :D


Other than that I'm still recovering from the stroke for nearly 12 years presently but my walking don't seem to be making any headway.... Of course when half your body is paralyzed it's hard to tell what's going on totally when you got no feelings on one side.....


I have to be so careful not to fall knowing I can't get up myself but my grand daughter is on Spring break so she makes sure when walking I'm OK..... :rolleyes:

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