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Happy Anniversary



Today is Bruce's 7th anniversary following stroke. Funny, we both have been mentioning this on and off, over the last few weeks. Our niece and God-daughter's birthday is tomorrow and seems we have been focussing on that and how to celebrate with her, so many miles away. We had a rather mixed up day and neither one of us remembered today - LOL. Thank you Steve for reminding me because it has been a while and I did want to check in.


We have been busy here. Winter was not bad this year - a couple of big storms, but so many warm ups. We were out most days. Of course, yesterday, first day of Spring, we get hit with a Nor'easter. But snow doesn't last this time of year - sun direction and warmer days.


Bruce loves the winter - always did. So, in a way, it was a celebration of sorts, of his anniversary. Of course, he sat at the front door with a coffee, watching me shovel the ramp and sweep off the truck - LOL.


We were slammed with some issues about 5 weeks back, after a nice stretch of quiet, fewer appointments, visits with family - just a perfect holiday season. So, we are still working through those issues. I am very stressed but have been working with a Psychologist since last fall and that has helped immensely.


Bruce is doing great. Cognitively, he has never been better. He initiates more conversation, does more here around the house. When we tell new caregivers it is a long haul to recovery, that is so true. I have been amazed at the progress he continues to make. He is now reading novels again and has truly taken over the daily lists of chores that need to be done. He, too, has been meeting up with my Psychologist, as she wants to make sure Bruce is comfortable in all this and I think that has made a huge difference - he is trying to be as independent as he can be with an eye to safety.


The funniest thing is he is rearranging the post-it wall - LOL. Now you all know that is my lifeline, so to see things moved around, makes me nervous. He even had Mary Beth get him some rainbow colored post-it, so the wall would look more "festive." Gotta love him. Personally I think he wants to be able to identify his post-its vs my post-its.


Physically, he had the best PT sessions last fall. He was approved to go into the pool, with flotation devices, of course; by himself. But as so many of us mention, not much continues at home without bribing, whining, threatening, etc - LOL. But he can still surprise me when I walk into the kitchen and he is standing at the sink, looking out at the birds.


We are hoping for a few overnight trips over the summer. Nothing big, but just getting away.Bruce will hopefully start 2016 PT in early fall, as we like to do.


So thank all of you for thinking of us and wishing us well. As my Grandfather Palmer used to say "seven years gone." Debbie


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But a good seven years spent. I am impressed with your dedication to Bruce's recovery program. And your attention to your own Caretaker's needs. You are a posterchild of How it is done in reality.


Hearing about progress in the long haul inspires me to hold onto hope and continue to work hard.


You are a special couple. You are an inspirational woman. May 2016 bring many more happy adventures.

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Wow, 7 years!   I didn't know you were that much ahead of us!   Bob just had his 4th year anniversary Feb 29 (leap day) - to which Bob told me it was only his first year anniversary really :)



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Happy 7th Stroke Anniversary Bruce and it's been a number of years for me too I'm just not as agile as I want to be but alive with a big chance to get even better with a bit more time on my side and my wife too....

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Debbie :


seven years wow happy seven year anniversary hope none of you have any itch lol. I still remember your comment to my post when you were so overwhelmed by so much happening around you & wondering when will be bruce independent like me, & now I already see that. you both have paid your due in this post stroke journey, now its just time to enjoy ride.



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Happy Anniversary to you and Bruce.  We were always right behind you in Larry's 6th year.  You can be proud of what Bruce does and even making you dinner.  


Tell Bruce "keep up the good work". And you, my friend, give yourself a hug from me.



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Congratulations. Good nor Bruce. Yes it has been 7 years . I can hardly believe it has been that long. I have not been using Pt but we go to the pool daily? We have a reprieve because they are renovating the pool that we use. So william has 2 weeks off. I tried a different pool but it was too cold.

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