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“Once upon a time there lived a girl and her name was Cinderella…”


As a young girl I excitedly awaited the moment when this fairy tale would broadcast on television each year. It is a Rodgers & Hammerstein musical production first aired in 1965. The cast includes Lesley Ann Warren, Celeste Holm, Ginger Rodgers, Stuart Damon, and more. Some how this story enthralled me to the point I started a collection. Over the years I have acquired the story of Cinderella in various movie forms. Each story has its similarities yet each story has it differences. All in all, this one from 1965 is my all time favorite.


In reflecting on this story I found myself comparing it to my life as a Caregiver. Certainly, the story is about a girl who meets a prince and they live happily ever after. But, the girl is one that waits on her stepmother and stepsisters in their everyday life. This arrangement was not of her choice but more due to the loss of her father. Thus, similar to how I became a Caregiver. On the day my husband had his stroke it was not of my choosing. I didn’t ask for it, nor did I want it. Yet, I moved forward and took on the role of caregiving assisting my husband with basic functions that he could not do each day.


What I like about Cinderella is her attitude. While she was thrust into a world of disarray where she was forced to do things that she would otherwise prefer not to do she still smiled. She saw the beauty in each day. She held faith in a power greater than she and trusted that she would be brought to a better place. And of course she in the end marries the prince.


I could dissect the whole movie and make comparisons to that of a caregiver all day. However, there is one specific scene that I find most relevant. It is when Cinderella isn’t allowed to go to the grand ball to dance with the prince. She is sitting alone wishing for something better, questioning why, and making a plea for help. In that moment her Fairy Godmother appears. As they exchange words and discuss that Cinderella will go to the ball they break out in song titled It’s Possible:



Impossible, for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage.

Impossible, for a plain country bumpkin and a prince to join in Marriage,

And four white mice will never be four white hosrses!

Such fol-der-ol and fid-dle-dy dee of course, is--- Impossible!

But the world is full of zanies and fools

Who don't believe in sensible rules

And won't believe what sensible people say.

And because these daft and dewey-eyed dopes keep building up impossible hopes,

Impossible things are happening every day.



It's Possible! For a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage!

It's Possible! For a plain country bumpkin and a prince to join in Marriage!



And four white mice are easily turned to horses!

Such fol-der-ol and fid-dle-dy dee of course, is

Quite Possible! It's possible!



For the world is full of zanies and fools



Who don't believe in sensible rules



And won't believe what sensible people say



And because these daft and dewey-eyed dopes keep building up Impossible


Impossible things are happening every day!


It's Poss-i-ble


Of course, I am singing along…and thus my point of this blog. I, in my life today, as a Caregiver constantly cheer on my Stroke Survivor. There are days he says he can’t do it, that he is not sure how, or it is impossible. This is when this Caregiver breaks out in song and begins to sing, IT’S POSSIBLE…


So my dear readers my focus is to say don’t give up when you feel defeated. Think about Cinderella. Know in your heart that it is possible. Mostly, go and live happily ever after.


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Glad to know someone else sings silly songs around the house.  Ray used to say :"What is that noise?"  I would say:  "Nothing to be scared of just me singing."

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i must admit I am not familiar with the story of Cinderella but I do recall the child story book I  had and their delightful pictures.


and I have never considered the attitude of Cinderella herself. but truly as you point out she had discovered the secret of a positive attitude.  and it may be by realizing that she has a choice of attitude she can make and chooses based on the implication of her choice, one being something close to depression, the other being peace, calmness, and interest in living.


and so I guess I am saying that I liked your  blog entry a lot.  thank you



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strokewife :


you write so well, are you writer ? I love & enjoy reading your blogs very thought provoking & fun to read blogs. I knew Cinderella story & now love it more thanks to your backstory about how attitude matters in  our every day life. Being survivor is not easy but thanks to caregivers & spouses like you we survivor thrive in our post stroke journey. I hope to meet you one day in our chatroom



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I enjoy your take of Cinderella. I love the story, and yes she was always happy, singing and very Kind. That is how you should be, never giving up, have faith and trust. Knowing that after the storm comes the sun shine.


Keep on singing, with a smile on your family



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