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Time with family is such a blessing



We started out at my mother-in-law's where seven of the brothers and sisters-in-law made it.

It's always a joy to spend time with them and and the others are more than willing to point it out.

Next we went to my daughter's house this she shares with her new boyfriend and a lot of his family his kids grandkids xcetera were there along with my grandchildren and two of my daughters running around finding eggs.

Great food at both places great desserts now finally home loosening adults that I can comfortably said

after eating way too much today.

My life is such a blessing say thank you to God for the new lease on life seems so inadequate to bring hope and joy to others is an encounter them throughout the day be blessed and be a blessing.


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I agree Jay, it is lovely to go out and eat with family, it is a blessing to see the grandchildren and interact with them, to catch up on all the news and chat with the in-laws.  And it is a blessing to get back home again. It sounds like a great day.  Nice blog.

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