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Boasting turns to Blessings



Tuesday April 12th Mark 29 29 months

Post-stroke while at the hospital doing my volunteer work I encountered the charge nurse on the floor and she said how are you and I said I'd excellent and she said really and I said yeah it today marks 29 months post stroke she says well you look like you're doing great I said thank you I was so humbled by that one.

To do more boasting of course and I encountered my OT and told her it was 29 months and she was just a big big smile on her face she said you look great thank you she said by the way there's somebody coming here for therapy but you need to meet you need to talk to so the following day the individual schedule for therapy from 2:30 to 3:15 I intentionally waited till 3:14 to go down to the outpatient rehab center because I didn't want to disrupt his occupational therapy it turns out it was a gentleman that used to work for me and he had a stroke back in September and I had no idea and I told him about the stroke Network and the stroke support groups that we have he thanked me and thanked me for the time that I took to speak with him it turns out she had a stroke in December and I gave her the web address for the strokenet work I'm hoping she checks it out because I told her how greatly important it has been for me the blessings just keep coming I am so astonished.




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Spreading encouragement as you go through life is a good thing to do Jay.  Information and encouragement make such a difference in people's lives especially after an event like a stroke.  Thanks for what you are doing.

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