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aloha everybodys



Well i just got back from my vacation i went on a cruise the princess cruise ship , the star princess. We went to hawaii, we went with my wife and my daughter and my grandson. I posted pictures of our trip on facebook , i had a great time i have never been to hawaii and none of us have so it was alot of fun. I took my scooter with me and i notice that alot of people did i was able to walk. I had to get into the tender it was very scary as the boat was rocking. We rented a car and we went to a leau.


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Lenny, sounds like a great holiday.  I am glad you had so much fun, especially with your wife, your daughter and your grandson going with you.  I bet there was plenty to see and do.  Thanks for the update.

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Lenny :


I am glad you had great time in hawaii. We also went to hawaii cruise with norweigan & it was amazing fun vacation. this was forst time it was just three of us together & we had great time took so many portraits pictures in cruise ship & it is hanging everywhere in our home reminding us of great vacation taken together. my profile picture on facebook was taken during our hawaii cruise.



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Hello lenny, I saw your pictures on Face book, so please you had a great time with your family.


That is what it is about, enjoying your time with your family. 


Good for you



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Hey Lenny, glad you had a great vacation in Hawaii and on the ship with your family members.... I was supposed to meet my wife there when I left Vietnam back in 1970 but my doctor had me go to Australia with him to heal from my wounds and I enjoyed the country away from combat conditions.....


As stroke survivors it is good to get out and about when we can to promote our healing and well being in life as best we can....


One day I hope to get up to Canada where you live and be able to visit you and maybe see a baseball game together if my health holds up for sometime to come as I age....

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