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Sun Tanning the hard way



Everyday I get complimented on my way tan.

I tell people they can have the same thing it's called waiting at the bus stop to him.

Too bad it's just my face.

But it is 10 minutes at a time so they have to worry about burning my face or head just the rest of my body when I do get to the beach.

I'm not complaining I love the public transportation that we have give me my freedom and I've got really good color on my face be blessed and be a blessing.


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It's good you got a way to get around without lot of cost and you can depend on it running all the time but the best thing is you are physically able to ride and handle yourself to use public transportation....


I am not in condition to do that yet, heck it is hard enough for me to get a door open trying to go inside a store walking with my cane or on my scooter.....

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