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Wow what a day ( Saturday)



I met another new Survivor at the hospital on Saturday, it could've been me laying in that hospital bed. Just the way he joked around with the nurses I had the opportunity to meet his wife and two of his daughters I was there for lunch as his wife was feeding him and he looked at me with a big grin on his face and said I kind of like being pampered.

One of his daughters asked me if I played chess. I said yes. It in not real good. I told my new friend next time we would play a game of chess and I said the next time I'm here we will play a game of chess and when you win it won't be because I feel sorry for you. His daughter said his not too good either. It should be a good match between you two.


I told him to keep fighting, he said I like a good fight now and then but this one..... I said strokes don't fight fair it kind of Blind Sides you doesn't it?


I'm sure with his sense of humor he's going to come through all this pretty good I can't wait till tomorrow when I go back to the hospital and play a game of chess with my new buddy life is such a blessing.



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Just goes to show how important support is. You are influential in heling process.


Yes it sure does blind side us. For me, I was not fully remembering I could not stand and blance. I kept trying to get up and set off alarm.I guess that protected me for a while to not know I survived but my life died. At two year mark I finally gave my life a send off and embraced the new. I bought a rose ring to symbolize there are times of pruning and then new beautiful blooms. I acknowledged this anniversary. The first one was an agony.was I well. Would I go on like this. My plan to go to a home. Ok right. Back to my story. Where was I. Oh yes. Jay you bring light into those rooms. Contact with survivors is vital to recovery stages. The special joy and love you shine will help those you come in contct with. Some days when you are achey and tired, know you make a Difference. God bles you for sharing your light with the world.



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