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Birthday party for 2 year old



Sunday we celebrated my grandson's 2nd birthday.

We had 10 children under the age of 8 running around the house and yard.

Thank God for my second chance of being able to witness all those children having so much fun.

Water balloon fight between the children they had enough with children going throwing water balloons at their parents Grandpa was off-limits thank goodness.

Of course most of the 10 kids were related cousins to my grandson and then all of them look so familiar so similar I'm like okay who are you and who do you belong to after being a parent at Hardee's like that it was wonderful being a grandparent just being able to sit back and relax good food good desserts the birthday boydecided to put his hand in the cake before it was time to be cut so we had his signature on it mom didn't appreciate it but Grandpa did.

Be blessed and be a blessing.



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Jay, it all sounds like great fun and yes we grandparents do find things very funny sometimes when we look at the little cousins up to their shenanigans. I am glad Grandpa was off limits.  Good idea. And a small hand print in a birthday cake does no harm, we all have to eat a peck of dirt before we die, or so my mother used to say.

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All was well with a birthday party for youngsters as fun was the order of the day and they all had that....

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Hi Jay, we are so blessed to see our Grandkids, palying, it brings bacck many mermiors. It is funny that as we age, things that upset us, now we just don't worry about the "small stuff". 


Be good Jay



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