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summers here!!! time to start walkingand get recovery



well here it is again its summer time, time to gear up for another year of recovery, you don"t have to worry about slipping on the ice just put on your runners or dhoes and put on your walking shorts , and not only get some more recovery , but a chance to meet your new neighbour, well don"t do it for me though do it for you, because you matter , you have been given a second chance of recovery, so do all that you can to help it along if you can"t run that's oky just start walking and buld up your endurance each step thayt you take will add up try it and you will see enjoy the day of sunshine just make sure to wear sunscreen then start going I will be with you everystep with you like the nike said just do it


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oh thank you so munch sue I am tring to help stroke survivers to get moving and I hope that you will have a great summer your friend lenny

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I just discovered blogs and noted this topic and hoping there might be some answers to help motivate.  I find I am getting lazier and lazier each day and know I need to get up and walk but failing miserably.  Just getting shoes on seems to strike fear in my heart and forcing myself to get out the three days I have off.    There are so many places to go but I just cannot get over the fear of walking.


How do you remain positive, Lenny.    I wish I could walk around my home but it is too hilly and I need to drive somewhere and this holds me back.

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