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A Ray of Sunshine This Weekend



With the mass murders in Orlando this past weekend, and all the bat crap crazy politicians on television, and depressing local news, I got to the point where I didn't even want to turn on the television or sign on to my computer ............it was all so depressing. I did sign on to facebook several times over the weekend to stay caught up on Dice with Buddies and Words with Friends with my youngest sister, and on Saturday I ran across some GOOD news for a change. Gary's nephew who lives in Texas has a son who plays college baseball for a Christian College in Texas, and he was drafted in round 23 on Saturday by the Phillies! I was so excited for them and can't wait to watch him play in the major leagues! His younger sister just sent a graduation announcement for her high school graduation and she has already been attending college since January at Mississippi State on a scholalrship for volleyball. She actually finished her high school credits early, and went off to college, but returned to TX to graduate with her class.


It is soooo nice when you can finally hear some good news instead of all the crazy, depressing news in this sick world we live in. On another note we got Gary to the dentist yesterday and after spending nearly 3 hours, from the time we left home till we returned......it was decided to neither re-attach the missing crown or place new ones, and not to pull any of the affected teeth as long as he is in no pain. The dentist suggested we leave them alone and continue caring for them as usual and if he experiences pain, then we will have them pulled. Works for us since I didn't have a couple grand to spend on his teeth right now anyhow. We are getting ready to head to the high country for the weekend and relax for a couple days away from the sweltering temps in the valley of the sun (approaching 120 deg. on Sunday).


The Diamondbacks play in Philadelphia this weekend but we probably won't get the games at the resort, so will have to wait till the end of the month when the Phillies come to Phoenix to play. Take me out to the ballgame, buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks.................... lol





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Sarah good news is so important.  These days we join in global news and mourn for people we have never met and rightly so BUT local news contains good news too, babies, weddings, fun family events and we have to make the most of those.  It is good news about your niece and nephew, good you are getting away for a few days too.  Enjoy.

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Thanks Sarah for the update. I do hope you find a nice cool place to chill for a few days. Weather throughout most of the country is just horrid.


Will be keeping a look out for your nephew. Let us know when he comes up - lots of MLB fans here. We can all cheer him on.

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