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the world is a better place with me in it



I'm not with my counselor yesterday I had a doctor's appointment earlier in the day.

And she said I have to agree with your doctor you need to look after your health the world is a much better place with you in it


All I can say to that comment as well am I humbled or what and how blessed am I to have somebody that I respect as much as I do is my counselor to make that comment about me being alive and in this world


We all need to be thankful I'm loving life but I'm also blessed and extremely humbled by that comment have a great one.



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Jay :


I bet that feelings are shared by lot of us your friends & family who knows you through your writing or by living with you. Sometimes I feel grateful to stroke it allowed me to meet such great souls right here in our virtual world.



Asha( your virtual sister from different mother)

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Asha. (sis)I love you and your kind words

I too am thankful for the many great douls I have met as a result of my strome

Bless you


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