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Hot, hot, hot!



We are in a heat wave here in the St. Louis area. We have had several days of near 100 degree temps. I only go out to run errands and I keep Larry indoors.


Larry is doing well and no issues so far. He has an aide that comes a couple days a week and he goes through the exercises, including range of motion with him. The aide does light housekeeping such as vacuuming, which I hate. My son is living with us and is a big help with Larry's care. He has a part time job which hopefully will turn into a full time one. It is an adjustment living with your adult son. We both have been living without each other for over 15 years. I do appreciate having someone to cook or share a meal with, take out the trash and clean the kitty litter, etc. lol


Larry and I had our 23rd wedding anniversary on the 12th. We did not do much but Larry wanted to get me some flowers so I had my son go pick some up. We cannot go out to eat as Larry is on a feeding tube. He has gained 23 pounds since he left the SNF on February 2015. So, he is doing well on it. He does not have an appetite and it is easier feeding him the formula as I do not have to watch for choking or making sure he is getting the right amount of calories and nutrients. The downside is the social aspect as all of the family get togethers include food. He does not seem to mind this. His birthday is the 24th and the kids are coming over this weekend on Father's Day. There is another event the weekend of his birthday so we agreed to get together this Sunday. We are invited to an outdoor wedding party on the 25th but we will see how hot it gets.


I have several friends who are either hospitalized or in a SNF, so I consider myself and Larry to be lucky that we are home with no big health issues.


We take Larry out, weather permitting, for trips to the Missouri Botanical Gardens, zoo, or to our kids homes for birthday celebrations. Larry just enjoys watching his favorite TV programs or the Cardinals baseball games.


I hope everyone has a good summer. Best wishes to all our survivors and caregivers.




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Julie, thanks for coming on and updating us, I wondered how you were coping with summer heat.  I am so glad Larry has put on weight and is enjoying life at home again, keep him out of the SNF  for as long as you are able to cope. I know what you means about having a son home after 15 years as we did that with Trev some years back, but he was wonderful with Ray so no complaints.  Hope your son gets a full time job soon. Keep enjoying your life, it can be good even with the caregiving as long as you accept it is what it is.

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Thank you for updating, Julie. Happy Birthday to Larry and Congratulations on your Anniversary. Your weather is horrid, for sure. Keep the AC going and hydrate.


Go Cards!

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Hey Julie,


This week is our hot week with temps ranging from 98 to over a hundred and five.... So the AC is running for sure..... We just had our 18th anniversary last month on the 9th.....  It seems like I been married all my life since my first time was in 1960 and this is my fourth time and the best in spite of the stroke 12 years ago but I'm still here.....

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   I have missed you.  I am glad that larry is doing better.  Yes, keep out of the heat.  That is my program too.  Stay out of the heat.   I have not  been bringing William out in the heat.  It is too much for both of us.



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Hi Julie,  Please that larry and you are doing well.  Florida is hot as well. Thank goodness for AC. Drink a lot of water, I drink so much, I sometimes feel like I am going to  blow up! lol.


Take care Happy Birthday to Larry, Congrates 23years married. great 


Take care



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