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Coffee With the Cops




It's early Monday morning and I can't sleep - I mean really early ...like 2 a.m. early. The dogs woke me up when they both needed to go out to potty, so here I am with brain spinning and sleep eluding me again. I had planned to go to the coffee with the cops meeting this morning at the clubhouse, but will definitely need a few more hours sleep before I go. We have the coffee on the 2nd Monday of every month, and continue the meetings through the summer months, even though many residents have gone back to their summer homes. I haven't been to one in a long, long time but wanted to go today so I can try to get the officer's name who came to our home the night our son, Dan died and stayed with me until a neighbor came over to sit with me. He understood immediately when he heard Gary crying in the bedroom and I explained that he was significantly brain damaged from a stroke, and unable to understand what was going on, and the officer told me he would not leave me alone after telling me the news that our son was deceased. He had waited while I tried calling Kelly and then when I didn't reach her, he asked if there was anyone else who could come to stay with me. I called my other neighbor, Chat, who had recently lost her roommate, and she came over to be with me before the officer finally decided it was okay to leave. He gave me a big hug and I thanked him at the time, but now I want to follow up to make sure he is doing okay, and to thank him again for all he has to do as a peace officer, especially in light of recent events in the news.


I also need to contact Mesa PD and try to locate the officer who was first on scene at Dan's house and see if I can meet up with him to thank him in person. I want to make sure he is doing okay, as I know it must be horrible to arrive at a home after a 911 call only to find out you got there too late and have to break in the door to get in and then process the scene and call the next of kin. I can't imagine trying to go home to family after something like that and try to live a normal life.....it has to affect them in adverse ways.


I wrote the following poem for Dan's friends and some family who are having a tough time processing his death, and I want to share it with the officers also. This is the second poem I wrote since Dan's passing:


I no longer need those earthly things,

I've gone to Heaven, I've earned my wings


The pain is gone, and I've been set free.

My Heavenly Father was waiting for me.


Please do not cry, and don't despair,

For in your heart, I'll always be there.


It's peaceful here, and there is so much joy,

I've met brave soldiers who were once deployed.


There's no pain, no stress, no earthly worries,

And best of all, nobody's in a hurry.


No ipads here and no cell phones ringing,

Just choirs of angels, all join in the singing.


I'm happy now, my soul is at rest,

Though I miss you all, Heaven is the best.


Take some time now, and slow down your pace,

Close your eyes, relax, and you'll see my face.


I'll be smiling down from Heaven above,

And sending you all God's great love!


Dan's msg. from Heaven 7/7/16

Written by: Sarah Rademacher


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Sarah :


that's such a thoughtful cop whose kindness & thoughtfulness does not get talked about in evening news but action of some bad cops get s all the rap in media  &  reputation of cops goes down the drain. we cant generalize everybody by action of few bad apples which are there in all race & field. I hope you get to meet both cops & thank them personally. love the poem you wrote, its very comforting




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Sarah, love the poem, and I hope writing it brings you some comfort. 


Like Asha said, I know there is good cops, who do a wonderful job. Then you have the bad apples, who are spoiling it for everyone. I hope you get to meet the officers wno treated you like a human, and understood what the News meant to you and your husband.  


God bless



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Sarah you express yourself so well in your poems and blogs.  I just cannot imagine what you must be going through.  My son is about the same age your son was and also enjoys fishing.  I could so relate to your loss.  


There are a few bad apples in every crop but most of all policeman are good and just doing their duty.  We had a police officer shot in the back just from stopping a low life for speeding.  The policeman was shot in the neck as he was going to checking the guys I.D.  Now he is paralyzed from the neck down. Every community around is rallying around him and his family.  


Go have that cup of coffee and tell the police officers how much you appreciate them.  


God bless you and Gary.  Take care.



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