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Your attitude is showing ,again



After my adventure at the hospital yesterday I got on the bus and I encountered two men that I always see on the bus one said hey old man how you doing I said I'm doing great then he asked if I was staying out of trouble. How are youthe other gentleman said anything you do is anything but trouble what you do is Honorable and you are an honorable man and I have to tell you I look forward to seeing you on the bus. I love your positive attitude toward life. Your positivity is making me a more positive person in my life and I really want to thank you for that. And I realized how circular life really is. I help him becoming a more positive person and sharing this with me makes me that much more positive. What an absolute blessing.

If I change one person at a time my positive attitude is getting through to people .Be blessed and be a blessing and share your positive energy,


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That is great Jay. Having a bright out look on life, drawers People to you. I have grown as a Person who knows that life is for living. Having life is Hope. Hope means that you can overcome, with the correct outlook. It has taken me a while to work this out, but with faith, trust, and belive, I got it.


God Bless Jay



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