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A speed bump on my recovery road.



I've always expected continuous Improvement. I am still seeing them 2.5 years later.

My speed bump happened yesterday. I discovered my depth perception is much more severe than I knew.

I missed a step at the library and fell I hurt my knee and broke my glasses and of course my pride.

My visual impairment has moved from frustrating to emfarassing now to pain.

I just need to slow down even more and be aware of my environment.

I expect to continue to recover until the day I die. But I never thought of discovering more deficits.

Just another part of the new Normal.

Be blessed and be a blessing.



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You will learn to adapt to your deficits and new normal now that u are aware of this deficits you will find way to compensate for it and find your new normal I have lower qudeant vision loss so if I don't scan things on left I don't see people there first few months I used to keep on looking for things pretty annoying at first but slowly found way around it and life is great again


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My heart goes out to you.  It is hard to find a new obstacle in your healing.  Hope for a fast reprieve that you get back some of that perception with tender loving care from therapy.  Sounds like you have a beautiful spirit and will overcome this setback.  

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Guest lwisman


Sorry to hear about your fall. Glad you were not physically hurt. Glasses can be replaced easier than bodies can heal!


I find it is difficult to tell when physical problems get worse -- is it from the stroke or just aging? I imagine we will all see continuing physical problems. Seems to be the circle of life.

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Maybe they aren't new deficits. Same length of time for me. I'll be walking along and for a few seconds forget that i am disabled and start walking like i used to walk, looking around and experiencing my surroundings, then I trip. And I remember that I need to stay totally focused on my walking and not partially focused. Walking can be a full time job! Also remember that everyone trips and everyone falls, not just us. I remember many years ago in my youth walking down a steep hill in the city. i tripped, fell, and continued to roll down the hill. Luckily I stopped rolling when I got to the curb. I was quite embarassed because i was so young and fit........ Or so I thought. Always land somewhere soft.

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