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I'm Going to Get Stronger! I Am going to Get Better...



For quite a few months I engaged in therapy every week: Occupational, Physical and Speech therapy. In occupational therapy she was frustrated I think. We didn't work on a whole lot. She seemed very absent. Physical therapy was really helping me. Simple exercises for most people without a stroke but challenging and helpful to me. My balance issues were pretty bad, I sometimes couldn't feel where I was in space, and just walking with my legs together was ridiculous. Where I had my stroke, the cerebellum, is not where these actions come from in the brain rather it is an area that helps in coordination, precision, and accurate timing of the impulses coming from other area in the brain. An example would be balance: the cerebellum helps you to stand upright, keep your balance and move around. Sorta helps your muscles move smoothly so that you can stand and walk or anything you want fluidly. We worked on strength with a lot of lying down exercises first we later added in the bicycle, some other push with my legs and you go up thingy, and the treadmill which was disastrous so we waited on that one for a long while. I graduated from the mushy square to a balance ball :wacko: it terrified me. The first day I tried it I made it about 10 seconds with my eyes open and about 3 seconds with my eyes closed (I didn't like my therapist that day....of all the things to ask me to get on that beast and then close my eyes :Tantrum: ). We added new things each week and I worked at home too and added new thins each week to what I was alreadt doing. Speech therapy was many things too. We made a medication chart so I could make sure I checked medicine and knew I was taking everything. We played games, We talked about different ways of remembering then practiced those ways using worksheets, games, and a lot of repetition. I was getting very used to my weekly schedule and for the first time I could feel a sense of normalcy at least at the moment...


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Tracy it sounds a lot like the exercises Ray did.  In Occupational Therapy after his major strokes in 1999 he did things like make toast (which came in handy when I was sick and he was hungry). and simple tasks like setting out knives and forks.  Unfortunately subsequent strokes meant a relapse and a lot of things just slipped away each time.


My message to all who have had strokes is to look after yourself, eat well, sleep well, exercise as much as you are able to and keep healthy.

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I think maybe I didn't have a tremendously hard time in that area a lot of my deficits were timing , coordination, set shifting, memory, and higher learning cognition. I probably just stumped her. I have heard even from you that occupational therapy helps tremendously. I ciould make the toast maybe but couldn'y stand up to do it and would forget to get outor forget to turn it on, those kind of things lol. Sue I appreciate your support and I really feel for you with being right there watching your husband climb his way up and as he did another landslide would happen. I know you were such a blessing to him.



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Tracy  :


my stroke was in middle cerebral artery my whole left side was paralyzed left hand was worst I hated OT during her therapy hour she just focused on how to compensate & do things with my right hand total waste of hour & depressing, PT was best cause I could see results right away I was walking doing stairs, I don't think I needed speech therapy so that hour I spent on crying & telling her my inner thoughts & fears so it was basically emotional therapy. while she tried to find out what can I still cognitively do & making me more depressed in the process. Though life really begins when you come home & start living with other normal humans & try to function to best of your ability in normal world. I think having routine support groups good books all helped me get to my new normal & enjoy life one more time. post stroke life is just different not good or bad its just different. some days good, some days not so but its still satisfying & fun filled life & I feel grateful to have this second shot at life. I feel my life is more meaningful due to stroke. So no regrets its my journey.



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Yes I too feel that therapy gives such a sense of normal of hope and understanding to who I am. All those deficits or strengths are ME and my day is meaningful when I can do some things to work toward retraining relearning. Maybe those things are tedious but they seem to be my stroke school.


I send you many wishes of encouragement and strength to continue. And to continue to help teach others what your type of stroke is all about. Thanks.

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