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St-St-Stuttering is the Pits



When I started stuttering at that very moment it's like a switch had been turned on or off. It was so difficult to get out what I was saying. I would just get stuck usually bad on the first syllable. My husband, he is a bit clever, came up with a way to sorta get me through what I needed to say sometimes. I would get stuck on I. I-I-I- and then he would say dun nuh duh nuh duh nuh (Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath) - I've always been a big fan. So it became sorta of a game. Each time We would go back and forth and it would make me giggle and then I could get it out. There were days my family was dumbfounded as to what to do and they could barely get what I was saying. I was so frustrated at times I could really hit something (totally a not me thing). At night it was so bad that I usually just ended up in tears and went and laid down. I don't think I have ever been as frustrated as I would get at those moments. Then one day my 19 year old daughter made me so mad...it was something about the kitchen and she made fun of me and I snapped! I instantly got out very angrily what was going to happen no if and or buts. After a week of going back and forth of stuttering a little then not stuttering. It stopped. It was weird like the switch had switched back. I still stutter sometimes but if I stop breathe and start again I can usually control it. Life happens in weird ways sometimes...


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I've been fortunate to avoid that particular problem but It is really annoying when I start to say something and just stop in mid-sentence because whatever I was saying just evaporated and I don't remember what I was saying or why. Someone likes to randomly mess with my speech switch.

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Yes i can completely relate to that. Scott I'm glad you didn't either I think I have PTSD from stuttering LOL I am terrified of doing it again,

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