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Memorial Garden




I am working on putting in a memorial garden for our son, Dan. So far we've planted a few flowering shrubs and some potted flowers and I'm ordering a nice bench and a fountain to place out front. I'll need to have Kelly paint the brick on the front of the house as it is faded, but once that's done we can finish the project. We will try to have a little party to dedicate it to his memory sometime in October or November, depending on what date works best for family and friends. One of Dan's good friends from high school has a Mom who lives near us now and when she remarried, she hooked a guy who plays acoustic guitar and sings, even has some recordings and has played in Vegas, Laughlin, and numerous places in Colorado, so we'd like to get them to come for the dedication and have some of his music for the celebration. She's been sending me messages to try to get together for one of his performances, or see if we can get him here to play for one of our Friday night socials, but unfortunately our entertainment director had them all booked up for the season already. So, I figured why not have him play here for a special occasion like the memorial dedication. I still need to check with the front office and see if we can do a block party and just block off the ends of the streets on just our block (there would be a short detour to get around it, so we wouldn't be blocking access for more than our house and maybe the neighbor on one side of us).


Not much else new here. Temps are cooling down to the 90s and mid 80s so early mornings feel really great when there's a breeze. I still can't work outside during the hot days, but early mornings are good for me.




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The memorial garden in a great idea Sarah.  I like the idea of a dedication party with some of the friends you have made there. Gives people who knew Dan the opportunity to honour him with you and the family.

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